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Part three: Transforming IT from shadow boxer to strategic business partner

Value-adding using technology and BI tools, by Teri Cooper

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This article is part three in a special report from our Transforming IT Executive Briefing, held at Microsoft’s HQ in Melbourne in October 2016. The event featured keynotes from TACT Non-Executive Director and now Aurecon CIO Carl Duckinson, strategic planning specialist Mark Schröffel and Managing Director of The Digital Project, Nikki Scott. If you missed part one, read it here or part two, here it is.

Nikki Scott is a highly sought after project manager and business intelligence consultant, as well as being the founding partner of The Digital Project. Nikki's expertise in delivering innovative and agile BI solutions to organisations across a range of market sectors makes her a leading voice on using BI tools to empower workers and engage customers. Here are some of the insights she shared with business leaders at our recent Transforming IT executive briefing.

Nikki Scott presenting at the Transforming IT Executive Briefing at Microsoft's HQ in Melbourne in October 2016

If you're a business leader looking for ways to harness the ideas of your people, you need look no further than Microsoft’s Power BI and Project Online tools, says Nikki Scott from The Digital Project.

Both solutions enable projects to be captured at the ideas stage, right through the lifecycle of a project and onto reporting and delivery. Best of all, because they are fully responsive, users, project teams and managers can access them on any device and from any location.

“Microsoft Project Online has really simplified the ideation process. It’s a way to capture ideas and for the organisation to … have complete visibility on how a project is progressing, who’s been assigned to it, how much it’s costing, what benefits it’s delivering and so on.” – Nikki Scott, The Digital Project

A common conundrum for CIOs today is finding ways that IT can better engage with, and add value to, the business. Nikki says that the trifecta of a superior reporting capability that is readily shareable and accessible from any device makes Microsoft's range of offerings a compelling addition to your technology strategy.

An uncluttered, visually impactful dashboard that is both easy on the eye and fully customisable, makes Power BI a leading choice for smart project managers. Keeping track of costs, deadlines, milestones and myriad other metrics is easy because the software does it all for you.

Likewise, creating interactive reports and sharing them with project teams, colleagues and stakeholders, can be done with a few clicks from any device. Best of all, these tools are so simple to use that once installed, project teams can be self-sufficient without the need to call on IT to manage the process for them.

The Power BI Dashboard

Microsoft Power BI dashboard

Microsoft Power BI provides interactive visualisations so end users can create customised reports and dashboards (like the one above) by themselves, without having to rely on IT staff to configure it for them. [Image courtesy]

Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online enables ideas to be captured and shared with colleagues and collaborators across any device and from any location. [Image courtesy]

To learn more about how these products can help your business intelligence and project management activities, contact Nikki at The Digital Project.

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